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Monday, November 24, 2008

Mallika Sherawat goes green

Mallika Sherawat is taking her love for the organic a step further. The actress, who believes in the naturalist way of living will wear an Anita Dongre outfit bearing an environmental message to the opening of the luxury hotel
Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai. Says a source close to Sherawat, "Mallika will be flying to Dubai on November 19 for the opening (November 20) of Atlantis, The Palm. Kylie Minogue will perform at the party. Other stars expected include Denzel Washington, Sharon Stone, Robert De Niro and Oprah Winfrey among others."

The designer says, "I have given Mallika the option of wearing two gowns for the opening and a dress which she will wear at the party that night. They are fully embroidered, flesh-coloured gowns with sequins and crystals which will flatter Mallika's body beautifully. The dress is very interesting as it has a little message on nature. Apart from the fact that Mallika loves everything natural, I have been veering towards organic clothes of late. This dress, though not made of organic stuff has got a relevant theme with green as its basic color. All the outfits are fully hand-embroidered, high couture, timeless classic pieces and took three weeks to create."The developers and operators of the hotel have sent invites to 2000 guests including prominent CEOs, business leaders, politicians, actors and musicians and members of the Dubai Royal Family. The Palm Jumeirah has been cited as one of the newest icons of the world and Atlantis, The Palm, is set to be one of the most luxurious resorts in the Middle East, with 360° views of the ocean, restaurants from acclaimed chefs and an 11 million-litre marine habitat that is home to more than 65,000 animals. Palm Jumeirah Island will be lit up in a giant fireworks display on November 20.

Mallika Sherawat wins US Award

Mallika Sherawat will be dashing off to sunny California this Sunday to pick up the 2008 Renaissance Artist Award presented by the Multicultural Motion Pictures Association. It is being awarded for her distinctive on-screen persona that 'allows their character depictions to bring audiences from laughter to tears.'

Mallika was said to have been stunned by the news. "I thought it was a hoax!" she exclaimed, "But then I said stranger things than an Indian actress getting an award in Hollywood have happened - like a handsome black man in the White House!" Previous winners have included Halle Berry, Monica Bellucci and Salma Hayek. "I’m certainly not in their league yet," said Mallika modestly, "But hopefully in ten years – when I’ve worked as long as they have, I’ll have a body of work that’s as good."

Meanwhile, after appearing in one multicultural film with Jackie Chan, The Myth, Mallika is currently filming another, Hissss. "It’s going to shock the hell out of you, but you will be entertained," she promises. Other key roles for Mallika have included Murder, Dasavatharam, Welcome, Ugly aur Pagli and Maan Gaye Mughal-e-Azam.

Finally, Mallika pulls off the paradoxical feat of appearing so cool on the cover of the latest edition of Grazia that she can only be described as hotter than hot!

Mallika Sherawat on the cover of Grazia

Mallika like you`ve never seen her before - even on TV! Full credit to the photographer who got this one right, the November issue of Grazia couldn`t have looked better.

The issue packs an article about the actress and includes an interesting feature: `Five things to know about Mallika`.

So, rush to the stands if you are curious enough or just visit on of our galleries below - we have more than just `five things` about Mallika Sherawat.

Mallika Sherawat Wins An Award In US

She may not get many awards back home, but Mallika Sherawat has been selected for a US award that’s given to international artistes of diverse creative talents.

The Bollywood siren is headed to California to receive the 2008 Renaissance Artist Award which is given by the US-based Multicultural Motion Picture Association as a part of its Diversity Awards.

Mallika will receive the award at the star-studded gala dinner on Sunday. Celebrities from the entertainment industry worldwide will attend the presentation ceremony at the Universal Studio’s Global Theatre.

With the award, Mallika joins the ranks of Salma Hayek, Halle Berry and Monica Belluci, all of who have been the past recipients of the same award.

The award is given to celebrities for their “distinctive onscreen persona that is uniquely their own…” according to the citation on the award.

Speaking about the news of award, Mallika says it took time to sink in and she first thought it was a hoax.

The actress has worked with Jackie Chan in The Myth and is presently working on Jennifer Lynch’s movie Hisss along with Hollywood expert Robert Kurtzman.

Mallika makes Ravi Chopra uncomfortable

Actress Mallika Sherawat was an unusual visitor at veteran filmmaker B.R. Chopra's Chautha ceremony just a few days back. If you can unearth her connection with the Chopras let us know.

Our source recalls the incident, "A lot of industry people – actors, filmmakers and musicians were present for the Chautha. Everyone was coming in and after bowing down in front of the legendary filmmaker's photo frame was going towards Ravi Chopra and offering mute condolences passing ahead. But Mallika Sherawat could not contain herself doing just that and moving ahead. She spent a good few minutes chitchatting with Ravi Chopra offering him her condolences. She just wasn't stopping offering her words of encouragement and support to him. Chopra's uncomfortability was completely visible on his face but there was nothing that he could do to stop her apart from nodding his head in assertion.Now what surprised everyone present was the fact that she is not even an acquaintance of Ravi Chopra leave alone being friends with him. She has also neither worked in any of the B.R. Productions films before nor is she slated to do any of their upcoming films. So what exactly was the reason of her arrival there and offering such a long condolence? Maybe perhaps she couldn't stop herself from hogging the attention even at a serious occasion like such."