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Sunday, October 19, 2008

‘Mallika is the body of my film’

If the select few who have seen the rushes of Maan Gaye Mughal-e-Azam are to be believed, Mallika Sherawat has returned to the Murder mode.

The sex symbol will be locking lips with co-actor Rahul Bose several times over. And their intimate scenes are said to be “very hot.”

Director Sanjay Chhel reasons, “Mallika is playing an upcoming actress so her look is very glam. She knows how to use her sensuality to wriggle out of difficult situations.”

He points out that while he would want to cash in on Sherawat’s ‘hot’ image and reel in her audience, he doesn’t want the film to lose its distinctive flavour.

“Maan Gaye Mughal-e-Azam is a contemporary black comedy.. a Woody Allen, Mel Brooks, Kundan Shah kind of a film. I’ve rewritten all the rules of commercial cinema. Mallika with her command over Punjabi and Haryanvi, is fabulous,” he says.

Spice it up
Chhel insists that the number of kisses in his film won’t surpass those in Khwaish and Murder. “Yeah, Mallika is the body of the film, Paresh Rawal is its soul and Rahul the mind. After a point, sex becomes monotonous and boring. You need a good dose of comedy to spice things up.”

The writer-director will work with Sherawat again in Fauj Mein Mauj. The original director Murali Nagavalli was ousted because producer Ravi Walia was unhappy with the rushes. Chhel was signed on, reportedly on Sherawat’s recommendation.

Fauj Mein Mauj is reportedly a remake of the Hollywood hit, Goldie Hawn’s Private Benjamin. But Chel states. “I’m rewriting the script. Once we see how it shapes up, we’ll take a call on whether to officially buy the rights.”

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