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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mallika Sherawat lying birthday!

Mallika Sherawat BirthdayThere have been discprencies about Mallika’s age for a while now.

Not very long ago, a news channel reported about how Mallika’s been lying about her age. They aired details about how she was 23 when she was working as an air hostess in 1994. They splashed proof too!

So how come she is turning 27 and not 37 in 2008 after 14 long years? Some websites have reported that Mallika’s celebrating her 27TH birthday on October 24!

There were even talks about the dame being married for a while and how she still claimed to be a virgin, making her the first married virgin on earth!

We know that she has achieved quite a lot in life with her very own bold style and has given good performances in movies like ‘Murder’ and ‘Pyar Ke side effects’.

Well, she’s also well maintained for a middle aged woman and has a great body and all that, but does it give her the right to lie about her age?

Well, it must have a lot to do with the film industry being age conscious. Mallika is kind of doing what the likes of Bipasha, Vidya and Sherlyn etc are doing!

So it will be better if she stops the talks about being different and all that!

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