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Friday, October 17, 2008

No dialogues for Mallika Sherawat

By ApunKaChoice

The spitfire siren won’t speak even a single word in Jennifer Lynch’s movie Hisss .

Mallika Sherawat is standing up to a unique challenge nowadays. She is slithering into the skin of a snake for her role in ‘Hisss’.

Since she plays a snake-woman in the film, Mallika will reportedly have no dialogues but will emote only through facial expressions. This makes her task all the more daunting because acting without words is the real test of an actor’s mettle.

Unlike the umpteen Nagin films we have seen in Bollywood where the actresses get to mouth tomes of dialogues, director Lynch decided to keep the snakewoman in ‘Hisss’ more real. Lynch deems it absurd to make Mallika speak a human language when she actually plays a snake.

Mallika was initially shocked when she learnt that she would have no dialogues. Instead, she is required to put in a lot of hard work for getting her look right.

The actress often has to sit for hours for her make-up sessions and is confined in her especially created snake suit for hours on the sets. Once in a snake suit, she can’t even walk and has to be carried by unit-hands from one spot to another.

Mallika is going through this grind; and that too with muted dedication.


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