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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mallika Sherawat’s lips sealed but not with a kiss

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai, Oct 23: Known for outspoken ways and blunt retorts, tantrum queen Mallika Sherawat has been finally made to zip her lips and stop blabbering by ‘videshi’ director Jennifer Lynch. Some guts you would think on director’s part! Certainly, we would like to say that Mallika has met her match as the sultry actress has gone mum for a mere role requirement.

Mallika, who will be very soon seen spilling venom on the silverscreen, has turned into a deadly hissing snake in Jennifer lynch’s flick, but she will be doing so without mouthing any dialogues.

As a part of her role in the flick, the actress will be doing all the talking ‘without talking’ as she has no lines to deliver.

Speaking to a news daily, Jennifer Lynch revealed, "Mallika will not speak a single line of dialogue in the film. She plays a snake so how can she be expected to talk? Her character does not know the human language. The world of words and sentences are completely unknown to her."

What’s interesting is that even when Mallika transforms into her human avatar, she does not speak and communicates via her snaky senses.

So, how did the ever so chirpy Mallika react to her ‘no speaking’ situation?

In her true spunky style the diva completely freaked out. "Mallika actually freaked out when she was told that she had no lines. It was a natural reaction because as an actress she is used to convey her emotions and expressions through dialogues. But she took up this role as a challenge", adds Jennifer.

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