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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mallika Sherawat's 'Hissss' attracts Ram Gopal Varma!

Ram Gopal Varma isn't the sort of a guy who would ever feel the need to learn a trick or two from another industry professional, but then Robert Kurtzman is no ordinary make-up and special effects technician, so RGV did drop by on the set of Hissss starring Mallika Sherawat!

Robert Kurtzman, 43, is master technician from Hollywood has worked on films such as Austin Powers: Goldmember (2002), Army of Darkness (1992) and From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) and has several awards and nominations under visual effects belt!

In Hissss Robert will handle the transformation of Mallika from an oomph oozing seductress who tempts you to jump out of your clothes and into her bed with her, to a venom oozing giant sized cobra that will make you jump out of your skin! Talk about snakes shedding their skins!

Anyway, RGV apparently heard about the film from Mallika and immediately expressed his desire to visit the sets to see how Robert worked on creating the much-hyped 'naagin' of the film.

Mallika then invited RGV to the sets and the director was so impressed with Robert's work and the treatment of the film that he went on to say that Hissss has the potential to become one of the greatest films made in India.

In fact, the director also expressed desire to work with Robert for one of his films in the near future.

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