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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mallika Sherawat celebrates birthday in jungle

Mallika Sherawat Mallika Sherawat was busy shooting for her film Hisss in the jungles of Kerala on her birthday.

The actress won’t forget her 31st birthday which she spent shooting in the mud and slime of the forest of Tekkady where it has been raining cats and dogs since last few days. To make things worse, the jungle is full of blood-sucking leeches.

If anything was left, Mallika was rendered immobile on the shooting location after slipping into the snake-suit she has to wear during the shoot. In fact, once Mallika puts on her suit, she can’t even go to loo for many hours.

Amidst all the hardwork and strife, the crew of ‘Hisss’ decided to bring some cheer to Mallika by throwing a birthday party after the day’s shooting on Friday.

Since Mallika loves to eat raw food (for health and fitness reasons) the crew arranged a cake that was made of vegetables and nuts. Even the food that was served had nothing but raw vegetables.

Mallika’s brother and the film’s co-producer Vikram Singh wasn’t there with the actress on her birthday but he reportedly spoke to her on the phone.

‘Hisss’ is being directed by Jennifer Lynch and has special effects by Robert Kurtzman. Mallika plays a snakewoman in it.

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